Love but they all have an broken connection yesterday day was the worst thing I felt I felt my heart broken with an ache to it one day im overthinking the next he bringing me down which makes me wonder is he here for me or what I have yet I keep going back to him.I vent on my blogs bc I cant talk to anyone that can relate to me no person that can bring me up after what he did to me.Is he what I thought he was but he prove me wrong so broken right now that I lost my appetite there many tears scrolling down when I think about it the blog I was supposed to blog yesterday. Also dont let anyone bring you down and let them have a laugh at it. Have a great day 07/26/20

How many times you gotta move on??

Moving on people say its easier then being done. I use to believe in the one but not anymore cause who is the one then asking myself. How will you know you didn’t make a mistake with wrong person. I can relate to someone question not many people see they happily after surely not me. I will add more to this I know its a short blog sorry but this the end

What’s the real meaning of life and happiness??

Finding the meaning also have something to do with finding yourself through the journey. Like me I’m trying to find my self out of negativity environment because when you around negativity it messed up your journey. Make sure people is supporting your journey of finding who you really is. The reason why I asked my question is because I been through so much and never find my happiness of life. Everyone have a different meaning of there life and happiness but for me I got around negativity never find my meaning. This is the end but I’m have more to it next blog.

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